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Let us increase your inbound calls on your EXISTING advertising budget by as much as 300-400%! Compare the following ads, which would YOU call?

Traditional Ad when someone calls you and you don’t pick up the phone you lose the lead.

With Smart Guy Ads you gain a Client!

Our Interactive Ads Let’s You Know Who’s Calling You!

The fact is consumers always want to get informed PRIOR to making a decision of who they will use. When they see a number of ads, they will ALWAYS choose to get educated first. Our ads incorporate our 800 technology allowing you to not only provide 24 hour information at the height of a callers interest, but capture the caller’s phone number (bypassing Caller ID!) and notifying you instantly to answer any questions and secure them as a client.

Benefits of using Smart Guy Ads…

  • Generate 300-400% more calls
  • Provide 24 hour information on your product/Service
  • 800 Number makes your organization look Bigger and more established
  • Consumers can now call you Toll-Free
  • You can keep your personal number private
  • Quick activation – no hardware, software or wiring – it’s all done remotely!

    Best of all…You capture the caller’s phone number automatically – even if they hang up, have an unlisted number or have caller ID blocking! (You can choose to be notified of the caller’s phone number via email to your computer and/or cell phone.)

Here’s the point – Most people are losing as much as 60-80% of valuable incoming calls and don’t even know it!

Think about it… 30-40% of many service professionals calls are placed BEFORE 8:00 am and AFTER 5:00 pm? Remember people work all day, when do you think they have time to call? After work right? If they call and can’t reach you what do you think they do? They hang up and call the next guy – as for your lead, it’s gone!

Now…what about all the calls you are losing during the day because you are in a meeting, out of cell range, on the other line, or are just simply unable to take the call? What happens to all those valuable leads?

Using our 800 Vanity number (800) 4-INFO-NOW, allows you to provide 24 hour information instantly at the height of the caller’s interest and ensures your ability to follow up, either instantly via text message to your cell phone or email.

Don’t waste another dollar in advertising that isn’t performing!

Ask top advertising specialists and hear is what they will tell you…

1. You must have an interesting headline to catch your reader’s attention.
2. Agitate and stir up the problem in the mind of the reader or the question they are thinking.
3. Establish yourself as the authority in your area
4. Explain and offer a solution to their pain.
5. Ask them to DO SOMETHING and take action! Call for free 24 hour information
6. BANG! Get ready to answer all the phone calls!

Where can you advertise the 800 number and extension? Flyers, mailers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, your email signature line, posters, banners, flyer boxes, TV, Radio, online, offline, back of your business card…the possibilities are endless.

Does it really work? Try out our demo line:
(800) 446-3666 Ext. 100

You get this all for only 79 a month! (No per minute…no long term contract…just results!)

For details and to get started right away and use our 800 number technology and templates, you can:

Email us at info@SmartGuy.com, or

Call us at (866) 5-SMARTGUY / (866) 576-2784, or
If you are already a Smart Guy member, simply:

Go to www.SmartGuy.com
Click Member Access on the top right

Log in with your Email and Password

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5 Benefits of Text Message Marketing:

Extremely high response ratio (can be as high as 20-30%)
Very cost effective – Reach your customers any time, any place
Easy to add to existing marketing campaigns

Allows quick delivery of real time offers

1. Investment Return: Enjoy an extremely high response ratio – potentially as high as 30%

2. Cost: SMS marketing is a cost-effective option, even for businesses with small advertising budgets.

3. Efficiency: Reach your customers anytime, anywhere with deals and promotions they will appreciate.

4. Ease of Use: Our SMS advertising system is easy to set up, easy to manage and easy to add to your current marketing strategies.

5. Speed: Deliver real-time offers quickly, and get quick responses from your customers. – more info on SMS Text Message Marketing

Please Note: Text message marketing should always be permission based. It means that the customer has given permission (opted-in) to receive information from you. This is what makes sms marketing so powerful.

Just say NO to Phone and Text Message Spam!

Stop Recorded Messages From Calling my Business – Phone Spam Needs To Stop!

Scraper Pro, Phone Broadcast Club, Push Botton Dialer and IbuzzPro and a growing list of these telemarketing pre-recorded message sortware! This activity is becoming a Major Nuisance Recorded messages who put their phone numbers on their websites.